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Uruguay's prosperity is threaten by labour shortages

Uruguay is enjoying a fairly good economic situation, and there is full employment in some sectors, like construction.

A couple of years ago 25,000 workers were employed in construction, now ther are 50,000. With the new projects starting this year there will not be enough workers in the construction area to meet the needs.

Montes del Plata will start building a pulp mill in Colonia in may of this year, with a total investment of almost USD 2Bn is one of the companies facing this challenge. One is the quantity of workers and the other is the specific skills required for some special parts of the plant.
They will require between 3,200 and 6,000 workers. They will try to recruit all the people they can locally and train them jointly with the government. Also they will need to bring people from other countries.
One solutions suggested by The Construction Chamber is to train army staff as builders.
Other could be to train and reconvert worker in some non-productive sectors.


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URUGUAY awaits arrivals of 18.000 inmigrants in 2018

Chancellery improved residence request service

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