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Residential - Punta del Este.

Punta del Este’s population grows to about 200,000 during the summer months (January to March). The good news for potential investors is that there are not enough hotels and short-term rentals to accommodate this seasonal invasion.

In fact, you can charge from $14,000 to $200,000 to rent your home for the month of January, depending on its location. The town of Punta del Este occupies a peninsula that separates the Rio de la Plata from the Atlantic Ocean. The two beachside areas that extend from the center are La Brava (most popular with surfers during the daytime) and La Mansa (this is the long stretch of coastline in the direction of Montevideo). The water is calmer at La Mansa as it is actually the Rio de la Plata in its widest form. It’s where everyone goes to watch the sunset or take a romantic stroll along La Rambla. If I were to purchase a property in Punta del Este, I’d buy in Pinares, you can be relaxed and calm but if you want some “action” it’s only 10 minutes from the Peninsula where you can go to casinos, night clubs, restaurants or just walk on Gorlero, I’m saying walking because if you want to drive by, it’s almost impossible to do more than 1 km an hour on some nights in January. It’s an ideal spot for a second home - quiet and beautiful, away from summertime crowds and a short walk to the beach. It also has good short-term rental opportunities.

Then you have El Tesoro, just before La Barra, you can still buy a 500m2 lot for $ 30.000 or if you prefer there’s another place called Buenos Aires resort just 15 minutes from La Barra where you can buy a 500 m2 lot 50 mts from the ocean for just $ 20.000 and build the house you’ve always dreamed of. If you would like to know how much it costs to build a house per m2, we can get you some advices. In the past five years, this area has grown very much, which means you will not regret your investment decision, even if it’s for a second home or a rental one

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