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MALDONADO AS DESTINATION FOR FOREIGN INVESTMENTS Two groups of journalists from Spain and Brazil , toured different parts of the department of Maldonado to know the benefits of this important tourist destination. In addition, they seized the opportunity and visited the site of the Convention Center and Fairgrounds Punta del Este. specialized in oenological , gastronomic and tourism communicators meetings toured the different points of interest in the department of Maldonado. In this context , representatives of Spain and Brazil visited the coast , the future Convention Center , and various service infrastructures related to this type of tourism . It also carried out occasional visits to Colinas de Garzon , Jose Ignacio , Punta del Este and Punta Ballena. In those instances they tasted typical gastronomic various proposals and winnerys . The afore mentioned actions were implemented jointly with the Ministry of Tourism and the Department of Tourism of IDM , besides the collaboration of international and local companies.

Source: www.maldonado.gub.uy


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URUGUAY awaits arrivals of 18.000 inmigrants in 2018

Chancellery improved residence request service

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