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Why Expats Are Moving to Uruguay?

Why Expats Are Moving to Uruguay? Attaining Your Visa When Moving to Uruguay Any foreign visitor can apply for a residency visa in order to move to Uruguay, and should apply to the immigration office in his or her country of residence. In general terms, the requirements are owning a property in the country, and/or a bank account with adequate funds, having a clean police record in the country of residency, and having proof of income in Uruguay or a work permit. All documents will have to be authenticated by a public notary. Any person visiting Uruguay for business purposes can go to the consulate or embassy. According to Uruguayan immigration law, people who move to Uruguay and are granted permanent residency in Uruguay are also entitled to a Uruguayan passport. This applies to the primary visa holder, as well as the spouse and children (under 18 years of age). The law states that you (and your dependents) are entitled to a pasaporte común (common passport). A common passport is one that is not diplomatic or military in nature. Most Uruguayans have this type of passport. You can apply at the Department of Immigration. You might ask yourself why a U.S. citizen would want a Uruguayan passport, given that the U.S. passport is much more flexible to travel with. Good question. First, a Uruguayan passport entitles you to enter Brazil without a visa. There are also a few practical reasons. One is that some countries have cumulative limits on how long you can stay within their borders in a given year. If you alternate the use of passports, you can double your stay time, which would be handy if you have a part-time home in such a country. Also, you can avoid reciprocal fees and visa requirements imposed on U.S. citizens in places like Chile and Brazil, among others. (These fees are imposed in retaliation for similar fees or visa requirement imposed on their citizens by the U.S.) Some countries also waive their airport exit fees for their neighbors if you’re carrying their passport.

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URUGUAY awaits arrivals of 18.000 inmigrants in 2018

Chancellery improved residence request service

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