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COLONIA DEL SACARAMENTO It was Admiral Manuel Lobo, then governor of Rio de Janeiro, who founded Colonia do Sacramento in 1680, a typical Portuguese city of the seventeenth century that nowadays enchants thousands of tourists of the world for its well-preserved architectural richness. This beautiful city can be visited at any time of the year, since in it a temperate climate prevails. In summer, average temperatures range from 22 to 30ºC; During the winter the temperatures decrease to 5ºC. The beautiful layout of Colonia contrasts remarkably with the architectural plans that all cities of Spanish origin share. Due to its particular architecture, it was declared a World Heritage Site. Located 177 kilometers from Montevideo, Colonia limits to the east with the department of San José, to the north with the one of Soriano, to the south presents an extensive coast on the River of the Silver and to the northwest a section on the Uruguay river. Due to its proximity to Buenos Aires (Argentina), many visitors arrive from the city of Buenos Aires by river to visit the narrow and picturesque streets covered with bright cobblestones. Getting lost in its historic streets, going up the steps of its lighthouse, visiting its churches, its various museums and old houses are some of the activities that tourists do during their stay in the city. Prestigious hostels of international standard await the visitor both in the old town and in the new part of the city to make him feel illustrious inhabitant of times in which Portuguese and Spanish disputed the strategic city. The Royal bullring of San Carlos, today abandoned to the passage of time, is another of the attractions of Colonia that the visitor can not help but admire, although now the bullfights are only part of our imagination.



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URUGUAY awaits arrivals of 18.000 inmigrants in 2018

Chancellery improved residence request service

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