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Farmers pointed out record output in Uruguay.

Farmers pointed out record output in Uruguay.

In the closing of the 103rd Expo-Prado, the president of the Rural Association of Uruguay (ARU), Mr. Guzmán Tellechea, pointed out that the uruguayan agricultural production will surpass several records this year. It is hoped that meat (beef and mutton) will reach US$ 1.600 million; in agriculture, exports will be over US$ 1.200 million. The figures of meat exports are in a moment of good international prices for grains -although these are showing a decrease- like the soya bean. This situation makes “that there exists a much greater competence for the soil as a resource”. Mr. Tellechea added that milk and forestry productions are growing “steadily”.
In his speech, the president of the ARU contrasted the uruguayan policies with the ones applied in other countries of the region. He pointed out that good results are not attained when “swinging policies , export taxes, price controls, prohibitions, intersectoral regulations and subsidies are applied”.
“We are convinced that uruguayan people have clearly understood that those roads were the mistaken ones. And if somebody has doubts, he or she should see at what is happening in the region.”, he said. The sight towards Argentina makes it unavoidable. The Government of Mrs. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner has lived a harsh clash with farmers due to very high taxes applied to exports, that she even intended to increase. This situation compelled to some Argentinian farmers to invest in Uruguay, in the soya production.
The demand for this grain is mainly due to the pressure of China and the bio-fuel production. Uruguay is also immerse in the international markets. Last week an expert in renewable energies, Mr. George Philippidis, confirmed it again. According to “El Observador”, the director of the Centre for Applied Research, the Forum of Energy Business and The Centre of Energy and Technology for the Americas of the International University of Florida, said that Uruguay shows very favourable conditions to attract american investors interested in bio-fuel productions.
And the American Dollars of foreign investors were present in the closing address of the minister of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries Mr. Ernesto Agazzi, who said that “the investments that are required for this country are not whatever heap of dollars”. The minister also pointed out that the country is growing for fifth consecutive year. With this sign – he said taking into his hands the Uruguayan flag- my idea is: Gain we all”, he ended.

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