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Europeans, Americans and South Americans chose to live in Uruguay and to invest in Uruguay. At about fifty kilometers from Punta del Este and in the middle of the hills, they enjoy the quality of life and the “Gauchos´” customs.

The route Ner 12 that connects Minas to Punta del Este serpentines among the hills and offers to the traveller a paradisiacal landscape. When descending to Mataojo the Paradise becomes tangible. The zone is place on Route Ner.12 at about 50 km from Punta del Este and several foreigners have chosen it to live. Carolyn was one of them.

Some years ago Carolyn –born in Zimbabwe – and her husband Pierre – Swedish – met in London the Uruguayan Gustavo Musto during the birthday of a friend. They talked about Uruguay and when the couple made a trip to South America, they decided to visit their friend. The meeting place was Mataojo, where Gustavo has since 2003 a farm of twenty hectares with barbecue, swimming pool,
and a priceless view .

“It is very nice”, told Gustavo to Uruguay-Properties. The Uruguayan took advantage of the low prices during the 2002 crisis and bought the estate. “We wanted to buy a summer house, but we suddenly realized that if we moved some kilometres from Punta del Este we could buy more land for the same price” he remarked. Since then he promotes that place. And it seems he convinced another friend: Johan a Swedish banker with whom Gustavo worked in London during de decade of the 1990´s.

Johan had visited Uruguay several times and when he went to Gustavo’s new farm, Mataojo captivated him. He bought a twenty hectare estate, including a hill and a river. “I am the owner of this mountain”, Johan usually says, when he is in his farm. He will begin to build his new house during 2009, which was designed by a famous European architectural firm.

Gustavo explained that in the zone where he lives, there are about ten foreigners within a ten kilometre radius, that includes Germans, Canadians, Americans, French, Irish, and even a Russian.
There are also Argentinians and Brasilians. “They need a previous connection. If the connection there exists, they come and stay” Gustavo told.

The multicultural environment has brought the creation of a “club” of foreigners in the zone, a group that gathers the inhabitants of the place to share traditions from places far away with “gaucho” habits. There is a kind of club that is extremely amusing”, said Gustavo. Particularly in winter, Uruguayans and foreigners gather once a week in different homes and they celebrate gastronomic festivals. The particularity: each one brings the recipes for the dishes that are consumed in each country. When they travel , the “club” members bring the needed ingredients for the next delicatessen that they will cook to their friends. Others prefer the local food but with a foreign touch. This is the case of an English and one Scotch that prepare local sausages with “rare” savours. Nevertheless, not only the local foods catch the attention of the foreigners. In this place there are people who adopted as garments boots and “bombachas de campaña”.

Together with the local hospitality, other factors make Uruguay an interesting destination for foreigners. According to the Gustavo’s explanation one of the reasons is economic. “With incomes in euros or pounds, here they are kings”, he said. The land prices, the fact that the county shows safety for investments and a pleasant environment is also important.

Carolyn remarked “the open space, the hills of Mataojo” and the proximity of the beaches of Punta del Este. “We believed that in Uruguay we will have a good quality life, because the country has a lot to offer in terms of nature, services, good meals (foods) and wines!”, told Carolyn who plans to move to Uruguay in the near future.

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