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Argentinians, Brazilians, Basques and Chineses are looking at Uruguay to make investments

When there is only one month left for the national elections, far from having uncertainties investors from Argentina, Brazil and the Basque Provinces are looking at Uruguay in order to invest their money. Chinese people are also interested

A few days ago, Marfrig (a Meat Packing Plant Group) has announced the acquisition of 51% of the shares of the Uruguayan Tannery Zenda which produces upholstery for the prestigious car brand Audi. But the Brazilian intentions don´t end there. According to the newspaper “El País”in an article published on September 28th, several car industries are interested in enlarging their production in Uruguay.
The spokesman of the Autopart Camara, Mr. José Luis Pereira, has told the newspaper that there are three enterprises that have expressed their firm intention of investing in Uruguay.

The uncertainty generated by the Government of Mrs. Cristina Fernández – Kirchner makes the Argentinian entrepreneurs turn their sights to Uruguay. Sources from the Uruguay XXI Institute told the newspaper that the “few certainties” given by the Argentinian economy make that there are permanent questions from Argentinian people that are looking for investment opportunities in Uruguay.

Argentinian agricultural entrepreneurs are investing in Uruguay since time ago due not only to the lower prices of agricultural land but also to the erratic economic policies of the Kirchners’ Governments.

In Spain , the Basque entrepreneurs who met with the delegation headed by the Minister of Finance, Mr. Alvaro García, were also interested in investing in Uruguay. “Our presentations awakened the interest of the entrepreneurs in knowing in a thoroughly way the opportunities that there exist for promoting the economic and trade ties with our country”, said to the newspaper “El Observador”
the Uruguay XXI executive director, Mr. Roberto Villamil.

Mr. Villamil, who attended, at the beginning of September, the Internacional Investment and Trade Fair in China, also returned with good news. According to what was published in the web site of Uruguay XXI, “the entrepreneurs expressed their interest in knowing in depth the pros of Uruguay. They regarded it as the most stable economy in the region to invest and a good entrance door to Mercosur”. The would be investors were interested in infrastructure projects, renewable energy generación, water treatment and urban wastes.

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