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URUGUAY awaits arrivals of 18.000 inmigrants in 2018 [ 2017-03-16 ]

Chancellery improved residence request service

Installation Costs [ 2017-02-14 ]

Cost of installing a company in Uruguay

Vacations in Punta del Este 2017! [ 2017-01-25 ]

Immerse yourself in the first crystalline lagoon of Uruguay A crystal clear saltwater lagoon and various water attractions for the family are some of the new proposals that Punta del Este has to offer to vacationers in 2017.

More and more foreigners choose Uruguay to live. [ 2017-01-16 ]

In the last six years there has been a considerable increase of foreigners in our country. The director general of Consular Affairs and president of the Board of Migration, explained what motivates this phenomenon.

10 reasons to visit Uruguay [ 2016-12-22 ]

Sandwiched between two Latin American travel powerhouses, laid-back Uruguay is one of the continent's most inviting secrets.


On the north bank of the Rio de La Plata is the city of Colonia del Sacramento, capital of the department of Colonia.

Why Expats Are Moving to Uruguay? [ 2016-10-14 ]

If you are interested in moving to Uruguay, then you may want to visit for a short period first to get a feel for the country. A valid passport is required for entry into Uruguay with the exception of citizens from the boundary countries. U.S. citizens do not need a visa to stay in Uruguay for less than 90 days. Business-oriented visas are available; contact the embassy for details.

10 Tips for Living in Uruguay [ 2016-09-20 ]

Uruguay may not be the most popular expat destination, but expats there are probably hoping that the truth about Uruguay's healthy lifestyle, family-oriented culture and beautiful beaches doesn't get out.

Uruguay and agricultural machinery [ 2016-09-09 ]

Uruguay is an attractive destination for investment in agricultural machinery manufacturing, for being part of a major agricultural exporting regions of the world and beneficial legislation which provides the country.

In a region riddled with corruption, Uruguay leads in transparency [ 2016-08-16 ]

Uruguay has been quietly setting a precedent for what it is to have a transparent government.

WHY URUGUAY? [ 2016-08-02 ]

Wide Atlantic beaches, towns stuffed with colonial architecture and a temperate climate make this South American nation an attractive base.

URUGUAY IS.... [ 2016-07-15 ]

Uruguayan uses are Mate, roast and football mark the daily rhythm of the Uruguayans. Tourists can not avoid some customs in his stay in the country.


Two groups of journalists from Spain and Brazil , toured different parts of the department of Maldonado to know the benefits of this important tourist destination.

Investing in Uruguay : advantages and investment sectors [ 2016-06-07 ]

Uruguay is a country with excellent conditions for foreign investment . The country intends to actively encourage investment through a completely open system without restrictions.

WHY URUGUAY? [ 2016-05-24 ]

A Warm and Charming Country

Retirement In Uruguay Is Unique [ 2016-05-08 ]

Uruguay is a nation of immigrants—which means that if you’re looking to retire overseas, you’ll fit right in.

Investments projects in the agricultural sector in Uruguay . [ 2014-03-27 ]

Uruguay Properties is working on generating investment projects in the agricultural sector in order to originate investment opportunities for small and medium investors.

In spite of the world sircumstances Uruguay continues to grow [ 2013-06-25 ]

Uruguay economy expanded 3.7% in the first quarter compared to a year ago

Uruguay’s Mujica: Integration with Asia is our “Strategy for the Future” [ 2013-06-10 ]

China is one of Uruguay’s leading trade partner, therefore has an increasing participation in its economic future

Uruguay’s Mujica: Integration with Asia is our “Strategy for the Future” [ 2013-06-03 ]

On Tuesday Uruguayan President Jose Mujica said that the policy of integrating the economies of Asia and his country is a necessary “strategy for the future.”

Number of Immigrants Grows in Uruguay [ 2013-05-27 ]

Immigrants in Uruguay are 2.4 percent of the total population

ALADI Announces First Latin American Meeting on Commerce [ 2013-05-20 ]

The first Latin American trade and investment meeting will be held in Montevideo next year

Positive cruise season for Uruguay and further growth prospects for 2013/14 [ 2013-04-26 ]

It is estimated that the 222 calls represented 400.000 people between passengers and crews and although not all of them landed, it is a significant number with a positive input for the Uruguayan economy.

Uruguay becomes second Latam country to legalize gay marriage [ 2013-04-15 ]

The Uruguayan parliament voted overwhelmingly to legalise gay marriage, becoming the second country in Latin America to do so, after Argentina. The bill was approved by more than two-thirds of the lower chamber, despite opposition from the Catholic Church.

Uruguay completes investment-grade ‘triple crown’ from the three big credit rating agencies [ 2013-03-18 ]

Uruguay finally managed on Thursday to achieve investment grade debt rating from the three major agencies when Fitch raised the country’s rating to BBB-minus from BB-plus, citing economic resilience as well as the political and social stability of the country, squeezed between Brazil and Argentina.

Good times ahead for Uruguayan farmers [ 2013-03-05 ]

It looks like being a good year for Union Agriculture Group. While the name may not ring too many bells internationally, the Uruguayan agricultural powerhouse is one of the country’s top landowners, with sales posed to more than triple this year.

Trump Tower coming to Punta del Este, Uruguay [ 2013-02-21 ]

Plans for Trump Tower, Punta del Este was announced at a press conference on November 28th, 2012. The beach-side project will be located on the Playa Brava between Avenue Roosevelt and Avenue Del Mar.

Uruguay and Canada Sign Agreement on Tax Information [ 2013-02-06 ]

Uruguay and Canada agreed to exchange information on tax matters.

Uruguay’s Central Bank Increases Reference Rate to 9.25% [ 2013-01-23 ]

Uruguay’s central bank raised its benchmark interest rate for the second time this year as policy makers struggle to bring inflation into the government’s target range

Uruguay Economy Grows Faster Than Forecast in Third Quarter [ 2012-12-28 ]

Uruguay’s economy grew faster than economists expected in the third quarter, spurred by increased construction, transportation and communications activity.

Moody's upgrades Uruguay to investment grade. [ 2012-09-19 ]

Moody's Investors Service on Tuesday upgraded Uruguay's sovereign ratings, citing the country's strengthening economic performance and making it the second ratings agency to grant the country investment grade.

Uruguay keeps going green. [ 2011-11-16 ]

Uruguay wants developers to build as many wind farms as they can.

Uruguay anticipates 230 cruise calls this season from November to May [ 2011-10-27 ]

Uruguay expects a record cruise season beginning November with over 230 calls split between Montevideo and Punta del Este

Carrasco Lawn Tennis, an icon of the neighbourhood of Carrasco Uruguay [ 2011-08-28 ]

The Club General Manager, Eduardo Vitale, talked with Uruguay Properties and told that the institution has been developing with Carrasco

Carrasco, a place where to return from work and feel on holidays [ 2011-07-08 ]

The Carrasco neighbourhood in Montevideo - Uruguay a place with a unique history and family environment that convert it in a place ideal for estate developing.

Price of farmland in Uruguay increased on average 13% during 2010. [ 2011-04-26 ]

The average price for a hectare of farmland in Uruguay during 2010 increased 13% and reached 2.650 US dollars. The average farmland hectare in 2009 was 2.239 USD.

Uruguay's prosperity is threaten by labour shortages [ 2011-02-21 ]

Uruguay is enjoying a fairly good economic situation, and there is full employment in some sectors, like construction.

Uruguay is strong in democracy and transparency. [ 2011-01-25 ]

Recently was published the ranking of democracy, transparency and market conducted by the center to open Latin American Development.

Millions of Argentines Want to Live or Invest in Uruguay [ 2011-01-19 ]

This news was revealed in a study done by the consulting firm Suma, sociologist César Aguiar, one of the people responsible for the study, emphasized the bond between both countries

Uruguay just below investment grade by Moody's rate agency [ 2010-12-09 ]

Citing improved debt and fiscal indicators the sovereign foreign currency credit rating for Mercosur member Uruguay was raised by Moody's by two notches.

Uruguay's exports anticipates a new value record for the year. [ 2010-12-03 ]

Uruguay's exports jumped 23.3% between January-November 2010

Chile and Uruguay the less corrupt and most transparent in Latinamerica [ 2010-11-06 ]

Chile and Uruguay are among the less corrupt and most transparent countries of the region, according to the latest annual report from Transparency International officially released in Berlin.

Uruguay leads the region in direct foreign investment percentage increase: 35.4% [ 2010-11-06 ]

Uruguay is the country in Latin America and the Caribbean which experienced the highest percentage increase in direct foreign investment.

Uruguay the most prosperous country in Latinamerica says Legatum Institute [ 2010-11-06 ]

Uruguay is the highest positioned Latinamerican country in the 2010 list ranking the prosperity of 110 of the world’s nations by the London analytical centre Legatum Institute and its Legatum Prosperity Index.

Uruguayan exports expand 20% in value during first ten months of 2010 [ 2010-11-02 ]

Uruguayan exports expanded over 20% in value during the first ten months of the year with Brazil consolidating as the country’s main trade partner, according to a report from Uruguay’s Exporters Union.

New rush of foreign investors, mainly Argentines, to purchase land in Uruguay [ 2010-11-01 ]

Interest in fixed assets, strong commodities’ prices and growing prospects that global demand for food producing land will continue have generated a new rush of foreign investors to buy land in Uruguay.

Uruguay’s official cruise season begins November 13; 197 calls anticipated [ 2010-10-27 ]

Next November 13 the Holland America Line “Veendam” will be calling in Montevideo with 1.400 passengers signalling the official beginning of the cruise season in Uruguay expected to extend until April 4.

Uruguay authorizes Stora Enso to build a pulp mill next to the River Plate [ 2010-10-13 ]

Uruguay announced that it will authorize Finland’s Stora Enso so build one of the world’s largest pulp mills but also warned about “wide ranging, strict supervision” of the environment to comply with international practice and to avoid problems with neighbouring Argentina, as happened with Botnia.

Saudi business delegation visits Uruguay interested in secure reliable food sources [ 2010-10-10 ]

A delegation of Saudi agro-business entrepreneurs headed by the Agriculture minister (and member of the royal family) visited Uruguay with the purpose of establishing a fluid trade exchange and on the long term a strategic alliance.

Uruguayan economy, second best performer in Latinamerica, forecasts IMF [ 2010-10-08 ]

The IMF expects the Uruguayan economy to expand strongly this year, 8.5% and 5% in 2011 in a world framework which is experiencing the slow consolidation of recovery but still highly vulnerable.

Uruguay’s debt/GDP ratio down after five quarters running increases [ 2010-10-04 ]

Uruguay’s gross public sector debt contracted in the second quarter of the year after five consecutive periods of sustained increase and now stands at 21.885 billion US dollars equivalent to 59.5% of GDP.

Uruguay presented pre-candidacy, with Argentina, for the 2030 World Cup [ 2010-10-03 ]

The international football federation, FIFA, President Joseph Blatter confirmed that Uruguay has expressed interest in organizing jointly with Argentina, the 2030 World Soccer Cup, to celebrate the 100 years of the first Jules Rimet edition and Uruguay’s victory.

Mujica rejects nationalization, preaches orthodox economics and praises the media [ 2010-09-28 ]

Uruguayan president Jose Mujica said that taking over companies by the state “is a solution that has been abandoned” and is the “perfect recipe to breed an oppressive bureaucracy”.

Uruguay’s “life quality” tourism attracted 1.5 million in eight months [ 2010-09-17 ]

The numbers of tourists arriving in Uruguay during the first eight months of 2010, compared to the same period a year ago, increased 13% and revenue jumped 20.2% according to the latest figures released Thursday by the Ministry of Tourism Hector Lescano.

Uruguayan economy expands 9.8% in first half over last year [ 2010-09-16 ]

The Uruguayan economy continues to expand strongly having advanced 2.3% in the second quarter over the first quarter and 10.4% compared to a year ago and 9.8% over the fist half of 2009, according to the latest release from the Central Bank.

Uruguay feels Mercosur is a diplomatic club, still too distant from the people. [ 2010-09-15 ]

Mercosur is currently a “Foreign Affairs ministries club” which has failed in getting people involved in the integration idea and process, said Uruguayan Foreign Secretary Luis Almagro during a press conference Monday at Government House

Uruguay’s definitive iron-ore feasibility project to be completed by mid-2011 [ 2010-09-12 ]

Swiss-based iron ore mining start-up Zamin Ferrous through its Brazilian affiliate is finishing the drilling stage of an iron-ore project in Valentines, Uruguay, and expects to complete its “definitive” feasibility study by mid-2011.

Uruguayan soaring real estate values closely linked to depreciation of US dollar [ 2010-09-02 ]

Fears that Uruguay could be heading for a “real estate bubble”

Punta del Este real estate sales reached 1.5 billion USD in 18 months [ 2010-09-02 ]

Sales of real estate in Uruguay’s internationally renowned resort Punta del Este and its area of influence reached almost 1.5 billion US dollars between January first 2009 and the first half of 2010, according to the Tourist Office from the County of Maldonado.

Chinese biggest state-owned bank raises 22 billion in initial public offering. [ 2010-08-17 ]

Agricultural Bank of China raised a record 22.1 billion USD in its initial public offering (IPO) in July despite a lukewarm response when the shares first went on sale.

Trade accord with Egypt and Customs code main issues of Mercosur summit. [ 2010-08-02 ]

A trade agreement with Egypt and the approval of a much-delayed customs code are two of the highlights of the Mercosur leaders Tuesday meeting in Argentina for one of the two annual summits.

UK press insists Prince William wants to go Falklands’ as helicopter pilot. [ 2010-07-09 ]

Mail on Sunday reports Prince William is battling to go to the Falkland Islands next year as an RAF search-and-rescue helicopter pilot.

As US economy picks up, revenue increases and budget deficit drops slightly. [ 2010-06-18 ]

The US government posted a smaller budget deficit in May than forecast as a growing economy helped bring in more tax revenue, Treasury Department statistics showed.

IMF bluntly tells Spain austerity and reform measures are not enough. [ 2010-05-26 ]

The International Monetary Fund has raised fresh concerns about Spain's economy, saying “far-reaching” reforms are needed to ensure its recovery.

Uruguay among the most positive minded countries of the region. [ 2010-05-21 ]

Uruguay has turned into one of the most optimistic country of the region according to the 2009 Governance Barometer which assesses perceptions and prospects of the population in 21 countries of Latinamerica and the Ibero-America (Spain and Portugal).

European Farmers up in Arms Against Resumption of EU/Mercosur Talks. [ 2010-05-10 ]

France’s main farmers’ organization, FNSEA, called Wednesday on President Nicolas Sarkozy to pressure upon the European Community to impede the re-launching of negotiations for a free trade agreement with Mercosur.

Uruguay can continue paper mill operations, court rules [ 2010-04-20 ]

Uruguay should have informed Argentina about its plans to build two paper mills on the banks of a river they share, the UN's top court has ruled.

Surface drilling company confirms magnetite project in Uruguay. [ 2010-04-14 ]

Cougar Metals NL announced it has entered into a memorandum of understanding with Indian owned UK based Zamin Ferrous Resources to provide 75,000 metres of surface drilling at the resource company’s magnetite project in Uruguay.

Chile and Uruguay best ranked in global information technology report. [ 2010-04-05 ]

Sweden tops the rankings of The Global Information Technology Report 2009-2010, released this week for the ninth consecutive year by the World Economic Forum.

Uruguay/Bolivia sign agreement to exchange natural gas for sea outlet. [ 2010-03-20 ]

Bolivia will gain access to Atlantic ports in Uruguay in exchange for a pledge of natural gas exports to Montevideo in an agreement signed in La Paz by presidents Evo Morales and José Mujica.

New Carrasco terminal among the “most beautiful airports in the world”. [ 2010-02-10 ]

The new Uruguayan air terminal in Carrasco, inaugurated last November, has been included among fifteen of “the most beautiful airports in the world” according to the January edition of travel magazine “Travel+Leisure”.

A Market for Beef Ambles Across a Border. [ 2010-01-07 ]

For decades, the cattle-raising family of Gabriel Pintos looked across the Río de la Plata with respect and envy at Argentina’s legendary tradition for producing beef.

Argentinians, Brazilians, Basques and Chineses are looking at Uruguay to make investments [ 2009-10-04 ]

When there is only one month left for the national elections, far from having uncertainties investors from Argentina, Brazil and the Basque Provinces are looking at Uruguay in order to invest their money.

Less sales but higher prices. [ 2009-09-15 ]

The land sale operations with agricultural purposes have registered a 25% increase during the first semester of 2009.

Uruguay Real Estate: On a Steady Beat [ 2009-09-06 ]

Hailed as the “Switzerland of the Americas”, the once undiscovered Uruguay is now a popular tourist destination.

Mexico/Uruguay sign strategic association accord and advance trade. [ 2009-08-17 ]

Mexico president Felipe Calderón and Uruguay’s Tabare Vazquez signed on Friday in Montevideo a Strategic Association accord

Uruguayan farmland selling prices down 20 to 30% [ 2009-07-27 ]

The cost of farmland in Uruguay has dropped between 20% and 30% in the first half of 2009 and the number of operations has fallen drastically, 70% according to local camp brokers.

Uruguay’s June inflation 1.4% and 6.48% in last twelve months. [ 2009-07-09 ]

Uruguay’s consumer price inflation rose 1.4% in June, the highest in the last twelve months,

American couple picks Uruguay for their property investment. [ 2009-04-08 ]

Why Uruguay? U.S.-based entrepreneur Steve Bowman and his wife, Chris, looked in Panama and researched other tropical locales before they bought property in Piriapolis, Uruguay’s old resort town, 18 months ago. Their reasons for choosing Uruguay included the country’s stability and relatively unspoiled coastline, as well as the friendly people.

Discover Uruguay, the right mix for US tourists. [ 2009-03-26 ]

Tourists from the United States are discovering Uruguay and with good reason:

Tourism expenditure in Uruguay up 40% during January. [ 2009-03-05 ]

Tourists arriving in Uruguay during January spent 40% more than a year ago...

Uruguay and Argentina - Profiting from virtue [ 2009-02-09 ]

Money flows eastwards.


“Club” of foreigners in Mataojo

Edificio Aqua, Punta del Este, Uruguay. [ 2009-01-05 ]

The project has garnered the 2007 Real Estate Excellence Award from the Federación Internacional de Profesiones Inmobiliarias-Uruguay (FIABCI-Uruguay)

Four cruises and 8.000 visitors on one day in Punta del Este. [ 2008-12-25 ]

“Splendour of the Seas”, “Costa Mediterranea”, “Symphony” and “Costa Romántica” coincided at the ample bay of Maldonado.

Uruguay opens the River Plate for oil and gas exploration. [ 2008-12-02 ]

Leading oil companies from Brazil, Spain, Russia, UK and United States...

“Norwegian Sun” and “Radiance” open Uruguay’s season [ 2008-11-24 ]

“Norwegian Sun” and “Radiance of the Seas” will be making the official opening the Uruguayan cruise season..


Argentinians continue looking at Uruguay.

Chic but Not Famous: A Resort Named José [ 2008-11-09 ]

WHEN the socialites are in town, don’t bother trying to park anywhere near Brava Beach in José Ignacio.

Ten month retail inflation in Uruguay reaches 7.98% [ 2008-11-06 ]

Lower prices for food and beverage were not enough to impede Uruguay’s October consumer price index ..

Uruguay’s exports up 31% but beginning to slowdown. [ 2008-11-06 ]

In spite of a record year in export value, Uruguay’s overseas sales..

Uruguay admits “modest” impact from global slowdown. [ 2008-10-27 ]

The Uruguayan government admitted it expects growth to slow down ..

Uruguay unveils US$4 bln Portucel investment. [ 2008-10-27 ]

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay: Uruguay's president says a Portuguese paper company will spend more than US$4 billion to build a pulp plant and port in Uruguay.

Gonzalo Fernandez, Uruguay Minister of Foreign Affairs, Rings the NASDAQ Opening Bell. [ 2008-09-29 ]

Gonzalo Fernandez, Uruguay Minister of Foreign Affairs, presides over the NASDAQ Opening Bell. Joining Minister Gonzalo Fernandez is NASDAQ OMX President Magnus Bocker.

Farmers pointed out record output in Uruguay. [ 2008-09-24 ]

During the 103rd Agroindustrial Exhibition, the president of the Rural Association of Uruguay differentiated the present situation in Uruguay from the one in other countries of the region.

Uruguay Mineral Exploration Hedges 70% of its Gold Production [ 2008-08-22 ]

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay--(BUSINESS WIRE)--August 22, 2008Uruguay Mineral Exploration Inc today announced that it has hedged 45,000 ounces of the 63,000 ounces of production anticipated for the nine-month period ending May 31, 2009.

Uruguay Beef Export Revenue Increased in July on Higher Prices. [ 2008-08-07 ]

The value of Uruguayan beef exports climbed by more than half last month as rising prices more than made up for a drop in shipments.

Uruguay Land Prices Double as Farm Policies Lure Soros, Marfrig [ 2008-07-24 ]

July 24 (Bloomberg) -- Uruguayan farmer Alberto Gramont interrupts a family lunch to answer the telephone. The call, he says as he returns to his plate of beef, was from a Brazilian meatpacker offering to buy his land.

Uruguay Says Natural Gas, Possible Oil Deposit Off Its Coast [ 2008-06-28 ]

June 24 (Bloomberg) -- Uruguay's government said a deposit of natural gas and possibly oil has been discovered off of the country's coast.

Montevideo chosen as the best city to live in Latinamerica. [ 2008-06-12 ]

While Zurich is considered the best city in the world to live in, Montevideo in Uruguay leads in Latinamerica followed by Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile according to the Mercer Human Resource Consulting Quality of Living ranking of 215 cities taking New York as reference, with 100 points.

Frugal Traveler [ 2008-05-18 ]

Feeling at Home Among the Elite in Uruguay’s Punta del Este

Residential - Punta del Este. [ 2008-05-07 ]

Punta del Este’s population grows to about 200,000 during the summer months (January to March).

Country profile: Uruguay [ 2008-04-21 ]

Uruguay has traditionally been better off than many other countries in South America, and is known for its advanced education and social security systems and liberal laws governing social issues such as divorce.

Uruguay sizzles up one big barbecue [ 2008-04-15 ]

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay - One of South America's smallest countries proved on Sunday it can hold the biggest barbecue in the world.

Going Global [ 2008-02-11 ]

Head to Uruguay, Italy, and Malaysia for real estate deals that let you live la dolce vita.

In Uruguay, a Pearl of the Atlantic Gets Its Luster Back [ 2006-01-15 ]

IN the last few years, a number of St. Barts's habitués - along with other members of the bold-face crowd - have begun to drift southward to Punta del Este, the South American resort town


Receive the best real estate investment opportunities in Uruguay.

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URUGUAY awaits arrivals of 18.000 inmigrants in 2018

Chancellery improved residence request service

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