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Country name República Oriental del Uruguay
Capital Montevideo
Current weather in the capital
Season Summer
Current time
Currency Uruguayan Peso
1 USD = 0 (UYP)
1 Euro = 0 (UYP)
Administrative divisions 19 departments
Area 176,215 Km2
Population 3.314.466 Inhabitants
Population growth rate 0.264% annual
Density (population per sq km2) 18
Language Spanish
Business languages English and Portuguese (Italian and French are widely spoken)
Religion Secular state (56% of the population are Catholics, 38% are non-professing, 2% are Protestants, 2% are Jewish)
Business hours M-F, 9 am to 6 pm / Sat. 9 am to 1 pm
Nonworking holidays January 1st, May 1st, July 18, August 25 and December 25
Electricity 220 volts 50 Hz
Electrification rate 98%
Life expectancy at birth 75.6 years
Infant mortality rate 10.5/1000
Number of inhabitants per doctor 260
Population with potable water supply 95%
Literacy rate 97%
Measurement system Decimal metric
Automobiles per 100 inhabitants 19
Digital telephone network 100%
Inflation 9.5%
Unemployment rate (2007) 8.2%
GDP (2006) 15.09 billion US dollars
GDP - per capita (2006) 4,553 US dollars
GDP – composition per sector (2006)  
agriculture, livestock and fishery 9.1%
manufacture and mining 23.2%
electricity, gas and water 4.6%
construction 4.2%
transportation, communications 9.6%
commerce, restaurants and hotels 13%
financial services, insurance, housing and services to companies 19.2%
other services 17.2%
Main Products Meat, hides and leather products, dairy products and honey, grains, wool, wood and charcoal, fish and shell fish, oily seeds and fruits, plastics and plastic goods, and mineral fuels and bituminous materials.


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