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Find out what makes Uruguay a viable and attractive destination for foreign investment in real estate today.

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Investment projects in Uruguay

Uruguay offers the best environment for foreign investment in Latin America. Uruguay Properties selects real estate investment projects with the greatest potential for profitability either on productivity or resale value. A thorough study of the project is handled to the investor in order to assure the best possible conditions, minimizing risk on the capital invested.

Our team of professionals will advise you throughout key project stages: planning, implementation, contract drafting, management procedures and closing of the agreement. Everything at your service to avoid concerns and ensure maximum transparency of your business.

Uruguay Properties seeks the best investment opportunities in the high-end property market and is always aware of the trends that occur in it. Invest in with complete tranquility in projects with high expectations of profitability, minimizing risk through strategies carefully mapped out by our team of professionals.

H y R Proyectos and Uruguay Properties have come together to offer you their best option for investment in real estate projects.

We offer a comprehensive service in the preparation of real estate investment projects. This service comprises the following stages:

Business prefeasibility study

  • Selection of land plot
  • Analysis of architectural alternatives (preliminary project) by Architect Omar Rienzi
  • Financial analysis for the different alternatives based on:
    • Construction costs
    • Estimated sale prices
    • Assessment of different scenarios based on the sensitivity of different variables


  • Purchase of the plot
  • Final Project
  • Quotation of main items
  • Financial analysis adjusted to quotations
  • Cash Flow of investor according to previous analyses
  • Definition of sales strategy:
    • pre-sales
    • during construction
    • with bank financing


  • Project management
  • Project administration
  • Monitoring of cash flows based on budgets and analysis of deviations
  • Accounting and tax advice including::
    • Preparation of Financial Statements
    • Payment of wages and social benefits
    • Preparation of tax returns and submission to the General Taxation Office
    • Periodic estimates of tax liabilities


  • Marketing plan advice (signage, brochures, press coverage)
  • Client portfolio

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Cost of installing a company in Uruguay

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