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Land in Punta del Este. Swan Lake.

Land in Punta del Este. Swan Lake.
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Only 15 minutes from Punta del Este and 3 minutes away from Laguna del Sauce International Airport lies a natural paradise, a pleasure to the senses, inviting relaxation.
This location is made even more beautiful by the presence of the elegant Black-necked Swans and other migratory and autochthonous birdlife, the murmuring of the breeze over the lagoon and the smell of fresh earth.
It is an ideal place for long morning walks and strolls along the lakesides. A place to enjoy the peace of afternoon fishing trips, watching the fleeting or long-lasting sunsets and the immensity of the sky lit up by the stars.
This is a carefully tended place, where everything combines to live and to grow in harmony and in close contact with the splendour of nature.
Laguna de los Cisnes and valuable ecosystem.
The Laguna de los Cisnes Country Club is located in one of the areas of the Laguna del Sauce that is still inhabited by a wealth of native fauna, including nutrias, otters, foxes, ferrets, capybaras and a great diversity of birdlife of varied species (from the magnificent Southern Screamer to the beautiful Vermillion Flycatcher, but also the Scarlet-headed Blackbird, different kinds of Caciques, Black Tyrants, Fork-tailed Flycatchers and the watchful Southern Lapwings).
It is also a summer visiting place for various migratory birds, such as the Pink Heron, White Geese, several species of ducks and in particular, the elegant Black-necked Swans who give their name to this part of the Lagoon.
All these species have populated the area for centuries, giving it a distinctive personality and above all, creating an ecosystem that is one of the enjoyable assets of the Country Club.
Obviously the balance and preservation of such an ecosystem will be damaged if all those who visit it or decide to become owners of property there do not value its importance or forget to respect the natural habitat of all these species.
The executors of this enterprise, aware that one of its greatest values is the enjoyment of this natural paradise, have established a series of regulations and environmental precautions that should not be considered as limitations but as a commitment to care for all these species.
Meanwhile, all those who have already become owners of property there have taken on the task of being true "partners in the preservation of this natural paradise."

The following amenities are to be noted:
Club House with all the recreational, social and sports facilities that a first level urbanization should have.
Driving Range
Outdoor swimming pool
Tennis courts
Five-a-side football pitch
Covered gymnasium
24-hour security

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