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Invest in Uruguay, Punta del Este. Alexander Collection Condominium

Invest in Uruguay, Punta del Este. Alexander Collection Condominium
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Alexander Condominium Collection:
- Management of Renewable Energies. Wind turbines solar panels.
- CCTV-Domotics
- Façade shaped by white trays, aluminum and glass openings Toner.
- The glass and anodized aluminum estrctural natural
- Curtain wall glazing with solar control DVH
- All areas and a master suite with free and visual preserved seaward.
- Control security with centralized monitoring of pedestrian and vehicular access.
- 4 principal lifts and 2 scondaries.

- On the same level and achieving a close relationship between interior and exterior.
- Ground floor & amenities occupying 3000m2 of land.
- Large double height entrance hall , with game rooms, gym, spa and relaxation.
- Outdoor deck equipped.
- Party room, with barbecues.
- Saltwater heated pools - indoor and outdoor.

- Lofts, 2 and 3 bedrooms apartments.
- Exclusive access to each apartment.
- Secondary access in each apartment.
- Air conditioning
- Walls painted and equipped with vinyl paint.
- Flooring throughout the department 60x60cm porcelain beige, with wood bases.
- Carpentry in anodized aluminum with double glazed windows to be transparent and DVH domritorios openings terraces.
- Oven, anafe and bell inxodable steel.
- Terrace with wooden deck.

In the Penthouse:
- Two exclusive duplex with double height spaces, large terraces.
- Garden with private pool.

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