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Uruguay is the safest country in the region. There are no kidnappings, and high ranking diplomats and executives can live a perfectly normal life. No bodyguards or armored cars are necessary to conduct business or enjoy the country's numerous parks and beaches.

Uruguay has a secular state and religious liberties are fully protected. The various religions coexist in complete harmony without any risk of violence arising between them.

The weather is fair and predictable. The country is free from great storms, heat waves and extreme cold spells. It has never suffered an earthquake, a tidal wave or any other kind of natural disaster. Uruguay is synonymous with tranquility.

There is no terrorist activity, neither real nor threatened. An absolute peace reigns throughout the country, which has an excellent relationship with its neighboring countries, with which it forms the Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR).

The country is also free from epidemics or any illnesses not found in the developed world. No vaccines or special cares are required to travel to or live in Uruguay.


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Empresa de servicios Turíticos e Inmobiliarios. Autorizada por el Ministerio de Turismo y Deportes Nº 1049


URUGUAY awaits arrivals of 18.000 inmigrants in 2018

Chancellery improved residence request service

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