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Investing in Uruguay

Find out what makes Uruguay a viable and attractive destination for foreign investment in real estate today.

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Living in Uruguay

Discover what makes Uruguay stand out in the region as a unique choice to live or vacation in.

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Architecture and Construction

We have a team of designers, specialized in constructions and renovations, who can interpret your wishes and bring them to life.

Building the house of your dreams means obtaining support from several professionals, and Uruguay Properties will provide you with just that.From the draft project to the interior decoration and Feng Shui, you’ll have a group of experts at the ready to help you. Architects, engineers, designers, lighting specialists… everyone working towards a single goal: building the home you and your family deserve.

Professional Assistance

When you arrive at a new country, you naturally want to feel safe. That is why we have a team of people ready to assist you in everything you need. You’ll have a host of legal experts –from lawyers to accountants to notaries– at your disposal to support you and help you maximize your investment, saving you the trouble of having to deal with local proceedings.

Personnel Recruitment

After you purchase your land or house, Uruguay Properties will help you out with everything. Our recruitment professionals will provide efficient and trustworthy domestic help, as well as trained and responsible security staff.

In rural areas you won’t have to worry about finding the right staff. Uruguay Properties can also take care of this for you. It will find anyone you need, from dedicated agricultural workers to engineers capable of designing a plan of action with the latest techniques available. All of this will be available as soon as you request it.

Travel Arrangements

From the very moment you decide to visit Uruguay for the first time, a group of professionals from Uruguay Properties will get to work arranging your trip to make it as pleasant as possible. Your only concern will be to enjoy your stay and find out for yourself what the country has to offer in terms of investment potential.

Everything will be made easy: from your hotel reservations and car rental, to arrangements to tour the country’s charming cities, and, of course, guided visits to any of the properties that interest you.

See the home of your dreams or the lot where you plan to build the house you’ve always wanted. Witness with your own eyes the plot of fertile land you will buy and cultivate.

Uruguay Properties Architects

Uruguay Properties Architects

Uruguay Properties Lawyers

Abogados Uruguay Properties

Uruguay Properties Accounting

Uruguay Properties Accounting


Receive the best real estate investment opportunities in Uruguay.

Empresa de servicios Turíticos e Inmobiliarios. Autorizada por el Ministerio de Turismo y Deportes Nº 1049


URUGUAY awaits arrivals of 18.000 inmigrants in 2018

Chancellery improved residence request service

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Installation Costs

Cost of installing a company in Uruguay

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