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Standard of Living

Uruguay offers a wide range of possibilities to enable you and your family to enjoy everything life has to give.

You can choose from various world-class beauty centers and spas to unwind and relieve stress; or find a house just 30 minutes from the city to spend your summer vacation or relax for a few days; or if you want something different from the beach, you can choose instead the quiet countryside or the invigorating thermal waters located just hours away from Uruguay's capital.

A first-rate cosmetic treatment in Uruguay costs approximately 100 dollars, and for a fee of 80 dollars a month you can join an excellent gym club and spa.

Uruguay has golf courts by the sea, tennis courts surrounded by wooded areas, squash courts, sport climbing centers and everything you need to play your favorite sport.

If what you love is the sea, you'll be able to choose from numerous ports to sail from and enjoy your favorite nautical sport. Yacht clubs are highly affordable and offer the guidance of expert instructors.

Horseback riding is a traditional activity shared by many Uruguayans. You can find breeding ranches that raise all kinds of horses, from traditional Criollo horses, which are especially useful for agricultural work, to internationally valued Arab colts. With this varied offering of horses, it is not surprising that sports like polo attract the attention of some of the best players in the world, who come to Uruguay to display their full potential.

Fashion is also a significant part of Uruguayan life. Just like in the major capitals of the world, the collections and accessories of the most important brands in the world can be found in the city's stores. In addition, local designers add a native touch to their collections, designing unique pieces with natural fabrics and materials.

Cuisines from around the world can be savored in Uruguay. Italian, French, Spanish and even Arab or Chinese food is offered in a host of restaurants, alongside traditional Uruguayan dishes. You can also taste the country's most typical cuisine, the parrillada or barbecue, and enjoy the best beef in the world: Uruguayan beef. You can buy a full first-rate dinner for two for only USD 100.

Uruguay is a country that allows you to have a high standard of living with the equivalent of an average European or US salary or pension.


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URUGUAY awaits arrivals of 18.000 inmigrants in 2018

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Installation Costs

Cost of installing a company in Uruguay

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